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Translation and localization services

Since 2017, I translate your editorial content from English to my native language, French. Specialised in the fields of video games and marketing, I offer quality services adapted to your projects at competitive prices.

Why chose me ? My passion for the French language and video games naturally brought me to the world of translation. As a gamer, I know how a bad translation can cause harm to the player’s comprehension and experience. I pay close attention to the grammar and style.

How does it work ? First, I need to know as much as possible about your project to make sure I give you the best possible results. Its nature, the number of words to translate, the expected delivery date…

Are you an independent creator ?

I offer personalized services, designed specifically for your projects and your budget.

Want to have your indie game translated in French ?
Want your project to reach a larger audience ?

Cut out the middleman, lower your expenses and get a professional localization service at a lower cost. I will be in direct contact with you throughout the translation process.

Buy yourself a quality translation at a lesser cost.

Ask for a free quote.